Crochet Lace Video Tutorial

If you have crocheting skills and know a few basic stitches, you can make your own beautiful yet crochet lace project. Find some of favorite ideas in our crochet video tutorial below. Don't be afraid experiment with different hook sizes and thread/yarn weights to achieve slightly different looks. Page 1 of 4

In this crochet lace video tutorial we continue crocheting a 2-side stripy lace.

In this lace pattern we will continue making a beautiful crochet lace tape working motifs one my one.

You will learn how to crochet flat double sided crochet lace made of very popular pineapple stitch motif. This crochet lace pattern is good for a scarf, a belt, a shawl, to work on borders etc.

In this crochet video master class we begin to crochet a 2-side tape lace.

This crochet tape lace pattern demonstrates how to continue and crocheting a beautiful tape.

This easy crochet lace can be used as a lace trim, edging, decorative trimming.

Many of crochet lace designs, and free crochet video tutorials of how to make it.

In this crochet tutorial you will see how to crochet pineapple stitch lace.

In this crochet lace vídeo tutorial we will show you how crochet floral tape lace. This crochet floral tape lace make easy and fast. Enjoy!

This incredibly beautiful double sided crochet lace made of large shell motif.