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This crochet flower tutorial focuses on crochet flower with 8 petals.

This purple flower has 8 little folded petals.

In this crochet flower tutorial we'll show you crochet 3D flower.

In this free tutorial you will learn how to crochet folded petal flower.

With this crochet tutorial you learn to crochet fluffy flower.

In this crochet tutorial we crochet a new flower with 3D center.

In this crochet video tutorial we will show you how to crochet layered flower.

In this tutorial you learn to make crochet 3D flower.

Crochet fluffy flower is easy to make and it looks very beautiful.

In this tutorial you can see how to crochet first level of fluffy flower.

These free crochet video instruction will help you to complete this beautiful leaf.

It is a great idea for decoration: leaf looks unusual due to the arches made from the front.

One row we work in back loops and another one in front (free) loops.

The work will take a little more time then you would spend on regular leaf but it worth it.