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Here is another interesting and unusual idea for your collection of crochet braids, ribbons and tapes. Beautiful shape and volumetric pattern allow us to use this ribbon in a variety of lace projects.

This is a great pattern for bracelets, necklaces, belts and decorations. Such kind of texture gives us a look of twisted cord. Very elegant and interesting.

Learn how to make a crochet twig with little bells on both sides along the cord. Wish you all the best!

Learn how to crochet a beautiful curly braid following our video instruction.

Easy to follow crochet tutorial of making a beautiful volumetric crochet ribbon. From the back the ribbon is plane with no waves on it. Enjoy!

In this crochet tutorial you will learn how to make a cord. You will see how to join the yarn to work and make all spirals with different color yarn.

This crochet cord has back and front sides. This crochet cord has back and front sides. On the front side there is a volumetric wave of stitches that give the cord a 3D look.

This lovely spiral 6-petal flower is made in three rounds.

We continue making a crochet large flower with 6 big petals.

In this tutorial we will be making a flower that has little spirals in the center.

In this crochet large flower tutorial we will be making a beautiful 8-petal flower.

In this part we will show how to crochet the last petal and complete the flower.

In this crochet tutorial we will be making a 3D 8-petal large flower.

This crochet spiral large flower has 8 petlas.

Begin to crochet beautiful large flowers with detailed video instructions.

You will learn how to crochet a spiral large flower with 10 petals.

Crochet large flower tutorials will help you to make many beautiful flower.

This crochet flower is easy to make if you know how to make chain stitches, single crochet stitches and double crochet stitches. The center made of little chain spaces and petals made of bigger chain spaces. In this tutorial we work stitches in front loops and then in back loops. If you make a single crochet trim around the flower will look completely different.

In this free crochet tutorial we will be making a 3D folded petal flower with ruffled center. This flower has 10 petals and they are folded to the right. On top of each petal we made picots, but you can make this flower without picots as well. The center we are making together with the petals working a 5-chain picot next to each petal.

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a beautiful 3D 10-petal flower where petals are twisted. To make a petal we work stitches into the chain space and then around the post. Each petal can have picots on top. You also can make the same flower without picots, it would be the same beautiful.