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How to crochet summer tunic? We begin the summer tunic by making Romanina Point Lace Project: Tutorial 66.

Ah, spring - a time when vibrant colors and bold prints are not only acceptable, they're encouraged! Here you can find simple colrful tunic made of variegeted yarn.

Elegant Knit Tunic with Jacquard - Pattern

Super Lacy Long Tunic Patterns

Black Lacy Summertime Tunic Pattterns

Transformer Crocheted Tunic Patterns

Patterns Tunic Bruges Lace

Patchwork Crochet Tunic - Model 613

Striped Knitted Simple Tunic - Model 611

Crocheted White Tunic of Motives - Model 604

Knitted Favorite Variegated Tunic - Model 600

Fashionable Crochet Irish Lace Tunic. Model 582

Crochet Tunic with Round Motif. Model 527

Crochet Tunic with Big and Small Motif. Model 525

Violet Cable Fashionable Tunic 509

Knitted and Crocheted Tunic with Grapes Pattern 485

Yellow Crochet Tunic for Hot Weather Pattern 481