Videos, tutorals, diagrams and patterns on the theme of scarf.

Knit Yellow and Black Scarf, Beret with Roses - Model 570

Stylish Beret and Scarf - Model 568

Bright Scarf Hat with Knit Roses. Model 541

Red and Black Scarf Hat. Model 539

Knit White and Blue Jacquard Hand Warmers Hat Scarf. Model 538

Light Blue Knit Hat and Scarf Pattern 349

Crochet Set: Hat and Scarf Patterns 288

Arm Warmers Beret and Scarf Pattern 286

Crochet Lacy Motif Beret with Scarf Pattern 241

Warm long knitted scarf is very bright with a beautiful flower print - Jacquard pattern - made with a simple Stockinette Stitch.

It is made of very thin angora yarn and can be warn as a scarf, wrap, vest or tunic - you can play with this wrap on your own imagination by changing the design every each time.

This crocheted scarf is great for anyone, anywhere, when it is cool. The scarf has a lace motifs that drape beautifully when you wear it.