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Eyelet Jacket Knitting Pattern

In this second part we continue making crochet bolero for everyday. In the second part, a master shows you how to join square motifs together in large peace of work.

In this video tutorial You will learn how to make crocheted bolero jacket for women. This tutorial has 3 parts. In the first part we crochet the square motif.

In the third part of the step-by-step video tutorial you will see how to complete crochet bolero and make a cardigan. In this video you will learn how to join motifs in the collar.

Green Cozy Crochet Jacket - Model 620

Simple Knitted Variegated Yarn Jacket - Model 609

White Square Motif Jacket Model 598

Bright Stylish Crochet Irish Lace Jacket - Model 595

Warm Winter Irish Lace Jacket - Model 571

Knitting Warm Jacket with Oversized Collar. Model 561

Knit Classic Jacket with Short Sleeves. Model 552

Irish Lace Technique Jacket 517

Knitting Asymmetrical Short Jacket 492