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Halloween Crochet Set: crochet mask and hat. These Crochet Face Masks shaped braincase that are perfect to use as a costume or just a festive way to celebrate the holiday and month of October.

I love the look of a wide headband that’s almost a hat but definitely not a messy bun beanie. The twist adds a little fun to the classic head wrap.

This might look like a crochet slouch hat, but that's part of what makes it unique. It can easily be turned into a regular crochet beanie just by turning up the bottom to create a tighter fit with a brim.

This is a knitted rolled stitch pattern snood perfect for keeping the winter cold out and your body warmth in. Knitted snood is made with knitting needles not only perfectly adorns a woman of any age, but also very comfortable in the winter season.

With this video tutorial I m going to make knitted rolled stitch pattern hat, This knitted hat is for 50-56 cm of head circumstance.

In this tutorial, you will see how to make a crochet cable hat. To crochet this hat with cables you need: 130-150 g of semi-wool yarn (49% wool, 51% acrylic, 240 m in 100 g); hook 4.0 mm or 4.5 mm.

With this video tutorial, you will learn how to crochet beanie hat with a leaf pattern. Also I will show you how to make the crown for this unusual hat. We divide our work on some parts: brim, a body part with pattern and crown.

Freeform crochet colorful beret hat with cool crochet motifs is ready to wear This is unique hat and one of a kind.

Crochet hat with 3D wave pattern. Crochet hats are a perfect last minute winter gift, they are fast to make and look great ! The hat has 3 parts: a brim, the straight part with main pattern, the crown.

Warm and cozy crochet wave hat you can learn with us. To crochet this hat, you need 130-150 g of yarn: 49% wool, 51% acrylic.

If you like cables this hat is for you. How to crochet aran (a hat with cables) hat you will see in this step by step video tutorial.

All the execution of the hat is based on front and back post double crochet and we will divide the work on three parts.

Crochet Summer Hat and Handbag with Flowers. Model 558

Bright Scarf Hat with Knit Roses. Model 541

Crochet Grey Classic Hat. Model 540

Red and Black Scarf Hat. Model 539

Knit White and Blue Jacquard Hand Warmers Hat Scarf. Model 538

Colorful Scarf and Hat. Model 537

Knit Warm Hat Scarf Mittens. Model 536

In this times I going to knit simple warm hat with star pattern. At the beginning we make straight part then crown. This hat perfet for 52-56 cm of head circumference.