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Crochet hat with 3D wave pattern. Crochet hats are a perfect last minute winter gift, they are fast to make and look great ! The hat has 3 parts: a brim, the straight part with main pattern, the crown.

Warm and cozy crochet wave hat you can learn with us. To crochet this hat, you need 130-150 g of yarn: 49% wool, 51% acrylic.

If you like cables this hat is for you. How to crochet aran (a hat with cables) hat you will see in this step by step video tutorial.

All the execution of the hat is based on front and back post double crochet and we will divide the work on three parts.

Crochet Summer Hat and Handbag with Flowers. Model 558

Bright Scarf Hat with Knit Roses. Model 541

Crochet Grey Classic Hat. Model 540

Red and Black Scarf Hat. Model 539

Knit White and Blue Jacquard Hand Warmers Hat Scarf. Model 538

Colorful Scarf and Hat. Model 537

Knit Warm Hat Scarf Mittens. Model 536

In this times I going to knit simple warm hat with star pattern. At the beginning we make straight part then crown. This hat perfet for 52-56 cm of head circumference.

For the manufacture of 3D cozy hat, 200-250 g of yarn will be required: 35% acrylic, 30% wool, 25% nylon, 10% mohair. Weight 100 g. Length 34 m. Knitting Nedles 12 -15 circular. The size of the hat in the lesson is 54-58 cm.

The lesson is devoted to the circular knitting of a warm hat with a brim. The thick yarn that we use to make the headgear remains in the trend. A very simple pattern - an elastic 1x1 rib remains popular and relevant.

Bright Crochet Hat Pattern 490

In this knitting tutorial you will learn how to knit simple baby hat. This baby hat will be perfect 42-46 cm of head circumference. We divide our work on 2 parts.

In this tutorial I will show you how to make snood scarf made of honeycomb stitch pattern. This infinity scarf is knit with central panel of honeycomb stitch pattern.

Crochet Striped Hat Pattern 356

Brim Hat for Summer Pattern 355

Light Blue Knit Hat and Scarf Pattern 349