Crocheted And Knitted Buttons And Fasteners

Videos, tutorals, diagrams and patterns on the theme of crocheted and knitted buttons and fasteners.

In this crochet and knitting collection you will see variety of colorful buttons and fasteners.

In this tutorial you will find detailed instructions of how to crochet a simple beautiful fastening that contains of little round button and spiral cord.

In this part of video tutorial 6 we continue the crochet a button. A little bead in the center of the crochet flower button make more interesting.

In this tutorial we are making a beautiful two layered flower. Around each layer we crochet trim made of single crochet stitches and picots.

In this tutorial we continue to make a beautiful stuffed flower button.

In this tutorial we make the flower on the crocheted plate that we made on Crochet Button Tutorial 4 part 1.

In this tutorial we continue crochet a beautiful big round button or fastener. Also, in this tutorial you will see how to make a long round cord made of single crochet stitches.

In this tutorial we continue crochet a beautiful big round button or fastener.

To crochet this beautiful big round button you would need to be patient and have some time. The same crochet plate we will be using for many other projects.

In this part we continue making the button and work the decrease stitches on the beck.

In this part we make the front of the button and two single crochet rounds to make it thick. It is a good practice for those who just learned these complex stitches.

In this crochet tutorial I show you how to crochet a small round button. This button look little different if you choose the rainbow color yarn.

This beautiful crochet button is made of complex stitches -- double crochet upside down Y stitches worked in front loop of single crochet stitches.