Crochet Motif Square

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Crochet Red Cardigan of Big Squares - Model 624

Red Small Crochet Square Motif Blouse - Model 603

White Square Motif Jacket Model 598

Crochet Square Motif Blouse for Summer Pattern 464

Angora Square Motif Warp Pattern 403

Feminine Dress with Floral Squares Pattern 352

Long Big Square Motif Cardigan Pattern 304

Easy Square Motives Waistcoat Pattern 283

Crochet Tunic with Square Pattern 109

Sea Breeze Crochet Square Motif Skirt Pattern 129

Free download Crochet Tank Dress with Squares Pattern 131

Crocheted Square Floral Motif Tunic. Pattern 128

Free download Crochet Square Motif Blouse Pattern 112

Crochet Square Motif Dress for Girl. Pattern 110

This spectacular jacket consists of simple crocheted square motifs that are joined together in one-go technique - while crocheting the last round of crocheted square motif.

A beautiful shawl was crocheted with big motifs. I'm sure this shawl is for you.

A beautiful wrap was crocheted with motifs.