Crochet join

Videos, tutorals, diagrams and patterns on the theme of crochet join.

In this crochet tutorial I will be show you how to join motifs in as-you-go technique. We will be working in join-as-you-go technique to join my two motifs together. You could add a lot of crochet motifs and end up with a blanket too!

In this crochet pattern we will show you how joining round together. And then how to fill up the gapes with an additional crochet motif. Once you have joined all large rounds in one piece, close the opening in between this motifs with an additional crochet.

In this second part of crochet video tutorial 11 i will be showing you how to join our motifs together creating a larger piece of work.This is my little piece of work made of separate crochet round motifs.

In part 2 of this crochet circle motif we will show you how to join crochet mesh circles. In this part we use crochet join-as-you-go technique.

In second Part of Joining Crochet Squares Tutorial 9 I show you how to join our squares together side to side. In this tutorial, will show you another method of joining crochet squares.

In this tutorial I will show you how to join square motifs together. It is easy, fast, almost invisible and secure. You can use these beautiful crochet squares for a dress, for shawl, jacket, also bags and many other projects.

In this crochet motif tutorial I will continue working with crochet floral circle motif and show you how to join circle together in order to create something larger.