Crochet Baby Dress

Videos, tutorals, diagrams and patterns on the theme of crochet baby dress.

In the canvas product consist of 64 motives. For the lower part of the product, it is necessary to tie three strips of 10 square motifs each.

Make jacket for your baby with step-by-step video tutorial. We begin the work to crochet motif then join motives together in the main swatch.

In this last part of the video instruction we show you how to crochet hat for girl in Bruges Lace. This baby hat will be great addition items for dress that we made in the previous parts.

In this video pattern we continue making cute baby dress for baptism in Bruges Lace technique. I remind you this crochet baby dress made in Bruges Lace. In the first part master showed you how to make motifs for such crocheted dress.

How crochet baby dress for girl you will learn with our video instruction. In this third part of instruction 72 we continue working on the buttom part of the baby dress.

We continue working on this cute crochet handmade baby dress for girl. This second part of the tutorial shows you how crochet buttom part of the dress.

In this step-by-step video tutorial crochet baby outfit that consist of baby dress with hat in Bruges Lace.