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We begin the blouse to crochet flowers in Irish Lace Tutorial 84 then we make the front and back sides of the model. After that join them together and crochet trim.

How to Knit Soft Cable Blouse Patterns

Blouse Crocheted Patterns

Knitted Blouse with Jacquard Pattern for Model

Crochet Red Aran Blouse Patterns

Croched Irish Blouse for every day. With this video you will learn how to make beautiful blouse. In the lesson, see the description, diagrams and video of the process of creating a crocheted summer openwork a blouse or a tunic in Irish lace technique.

Crochet Irish Lace with us! How to crochet blouse or tunic in Irish lace you can learn with our detailed video tutorial.

Dark Turquoise Crochet Pineapple Blouse - Model 623

Red Small Crochet Square Motif Blouse - Model 603

Blue Crochet Windmill Motif Blouse - Model 601

Crochet and Knitted Blouse for Autumn - Model 599