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About US

SHERUstudio is a family business, which was founded in 2000. The founders of the company are Andrey Shevel and Elena Rugal. A designer of hand knitted wear- Ms. Elena Rugal-is the main organizer of the creative process and a creator, while the main ideologist, strategist and marketolog is Mr. Andrew Shevel. 

At the beginning there was a small Studio, where hand-knitted and crocheted clothes were created as a special individually designed piece. Over time, the idea of making clothes for individual customers has taken the second place and in 2003 the studio started developing and experimenting with different techniques in knitting and crocheting. In the same year the first issue of the knit and crochet magazine, named "YES!" ("For Ladies"), were launched. The magazine, contained only the designs of clothes and accessories belonged to the Studio. A year later the bright and full of ideas issue became very popular.

The Studio was expanding and deepening its experiments, combining different styles and techniques of knitting and crocheting. A new idea to use this material in a new magazine was born. As a result the magazine "Coquette" ("Charm") came out. A year later, the magazine of children's clothes "Caprice of Fashion" was published.
In 2008 the company made a broadcast of series (47) for the TV channel "MAXI", the broadcast called "Made by hands". The broadcast found its viewers, but in 2010 the funding of the program was terminated. The project was stopped, but it did not disappoint, but only rallied the whole team. The idea to organise a school of knitting and crochet was born, where we can share our experience and our projects. In 2009 the company signed a contract with the publishing house "Book Club" Family Leisure Club "unit" Direct Group "of the international corporation Bertelsmann AG to publish a series of books on knitting and crocheting (21 books, a cumulative circulation of 10.5 million copies).
The crisis of 2008-2011 has had a great influence....
the edition of printed publications decreased at a high speed, and the Internet developed fast and took our readers. The era of transition began.
The year 2012 has radically changed the company. The decision to refuse from printed publications was made and it was decided to work online . Thanks to the professional team and accumulated experience, the strategic direction of company's development was set. In 2013 the website and the channel on Youtube were opened. The video format, unlike the printed form, expanded our possibilities, and the Internet removed the physical boundaries that interfered our team to disseminate and share our knowledge, developments and experiments. Knit and crochet with us !!!

You can know more about us from this video: